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Why Your Bandages Aren't Vegan

Updated: May 11, 2023

When people go to put on a band aid, the last thing they are probably wondering is if there are animal products in the product. I mean, animal products in band aids? It turns out that is exactly the question that needs to be asked.

Most bandages, including Band-Aid's most popular bandage, Band-Aid Flexible Fabric, contains animal ingredients! Bandages, unlike medications and supplements, don't list their ingredient lists, so it's difficult to figure out which of the products are animal-free and which are not. Some of the ingredient lists we've found include beeswax and glycerin...who knew?

This problem is bigger than just animal-free concerns, but a concern for people with allergies, too. While most bandage packaging will tell the consumer if the product is latex-free or not, they neglect to tell if the product is fragrance-free. Luckily, VeganMed is there doing the footwork for you! Our experts have been in contact with different companies to gain verification on animal-free bandages.

Band-Aid is one of the most popular bandage companies in the industry. Johnson and Johnson, Band-Aid's parent company, recently assured us the their Band-Aid Skin Flex bandages are free of animal products. These bandages are known for their lightweight cross-fibers that stretch and flex with your skin. As a known and trusted brand, Skin Flex follows suit with Band-Aid's quality assurance.

Three options of Patch, biodegradable bamboo bandages. These bandages are vegan and fragrance-free.

PATCH is an Australian company that specializes in bamboo, bio-degradable bandages. These bandages use a combination of bamboo fibers, coconut oil, and aloe vera to create an ecologically-friendly, animal-free bandage. These bandages are also fragrance-free, making them a versatile, reliable product for people with sensitive skin and allergy concerns. Check out our multiple PATCH products on our First Aid shopping page!

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