VEGANMED DOES NOT GIVE MEDICAL ADVICE ("VEGANMED") contains information on many medications, ingredients and medical topics; however, no warranty is made that any of the information is accurate. There is absolutely no assurance that any statement contained or cited on any part of the web site touching on medications, ingredients or medical matters is true, correct, precise, or up-to-date. Even if a statement made about medicine is accurate, it may not apply to you, your condition or your symptoms.

The medication or medical information provided on VEGANMED is, at best, of a general nature and cannot substitute for the advice of a medical professional (for instance, a qualified doctor/physician, nurse, pharmacist and so on) or the medication manufacturer. VEGANMED is not a doctor, pharmacist or the manufacturer of any medications.

None of the individual contributors, system operators, developers, sponsors of VEGANMED nor anyone else connected to VEGANMED can take any responsibility for the results or consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented on this web site.

Nothing on VEGANMED or included as part of any project of VeganMed, Inc., should be construed as an attempt to offer or render a medical opinion or otherwise engage in the practice of medicine or medications.

While every effort is made to ensure that the products listed on the VEGANMED Shop are free from animal-derived ingredients, VeganMed, Inc. cannot guarantee this. Manufacturers may change the composition of their products from time to time. Furthermore, verified products have not been certified by VeganMed, Inc. To ensure products do not contain animal-derived ingredients, VeganMed, Inc. suggests contacting product manufacturers directly.

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