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Our Impact

We are positively impacting the lives of patients with Alpha-Gal Syndrome, vegans/vegetarians, consumers with religious preferences, among many others. Further, our work has an impact on animal welfare and climate change. 


How We Make an Impact

Our pharmacists offer free medical information for anyone looking for animal-free alternatives to their health products.

Research and Education

We have authored innovative scientific research, and work to educate consumers and health professionals.


We have filed a Citizen Petition  to the FDA to mandate transparent labeling around animal-derived ingredients in health products.



Thank you for bringing awareness. I greatly appreciate what you do. I commonly reference your website for safe OTC drugs. You have been helpful to many in the AGS community.


Thank you for all your help! You have been very helpful in finding alpha-gal safe medications for my patients.


I really appreciate you guys for making this so easy for those people who are vegan. I will definitely recommend VeganMed to people in the future as well! This is such a great resource!!

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