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I'm looking for a vegan medication. Are all of the products listed here vegan?

We believe that calling pharmaceuticals, supplements, and most cosmetics "vegan" is inaccurate. The FDA requires animal testing in the research phases of developing new drugs. Since a vegan lifestyle excludes exploitation of animals for any reason, medicines are not vegan. Instead, we define "vegan medicines" as animal-free, meaning they are free of any animal by-products.


Click here for more information about animal-free medicine versus vegan medicine.

What policies are in place for labeling animal ingredients in medicines and supplements?

Sadly, the FDA and USP-NF both do not require manufacturers to label their ingredients as derived from an animal source. This can create a lot of ambiguity, since many ingredients, such as glycerin or magnesium stearate, can be derived from either an animal or plant source. The AMA urges manufacturers to include all ingredients and components present in medical products on the product
label, including both active and inactive ingredients, and denote any derived from an animal source. They also encourage cultural awareness regarding patient preferences associated with medical products containing active or inactive ingredients or components derived from animal sources.

What is VeganMed's Animal-Free Certification?

Our animal-free certification is the only program that conducts laboratory testing for the detection of animal-derived ingredients. Look out for our “Certified Animal Free” logo on product packaging. If you don't see it, reach out to the manufacturer and ask them to get VeganMed certified! By working together, we can encourage the industry to choose kinder, animal-free ingredients.

You can find out more information about our certification here.

Is ibuprofen vegan?

The active ingredient "ibuprofen" is animal-free, however many of the other ingredients used in ibuprofen products are not. The VeganMed team has been scouring products looking for verified animal-free pain relievers. As of now, the only verified animal-free ibuprofen product we have found is Advil Ibuprofen Tablets, which you can view and purchase here.

Is Tylenol and Advil vegan?

Not every product is animal-free, however Tylenol and Advil have verified that Tylenol PM Extra Strength Pain Reliever & Sleep Aid Caplets and Advil Ibuprofen Tablets are animal-free. Our pharmacists have reviewed the product for animal-derived ingredients and verified ingredient sourcing with the manufacturers. However, as of yet, these products have not completed our rigorous certification process (see "What is VeganMed's Animal-Free Certification?" below.)

Click here to see more verified animal-free pain relievers.

What is Made-To-Order Medications?

VeganMed has partnered with Scriptworks, a compounding pharmacy in Walnut Creek, CA which creates custom prescription pharmaceuticals. Scriptworks can make weekday deliveries to Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, San Ramon, Lafayette, and Orinda and can overnight mail pharmaceuticals throughout California. Over time, we hope to roll out our Made-to-Order service across the US.


Read more about our partnership with Scriptworks here.

Why do we say "Animal-Free"?

Since the FDA requires animal testing in developing new drugs, medicines and pharmaceuticals are not technically vegan. VeganMed verifies and certifies products to be Animal-Free, meaning that they are free from animal products.


Click here to find out more information about animal-free!

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