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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids... the Vegan Way

Updated: May 11, 2023

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are clumps of enlarged blood vessels in the lower rectum and anus area that help control bowel movements. Hemorrhoids only become problematic when they are enlarged. As hemorrhoids swell, they stretch the outer walls of the veins, which cause irritation and pain.

What are hemorrhoid symptoms?

According to Dr. Charles Patrick Davis, hemorrhoid symptoms include:

  • itching

  • mucus discharge

  • burning at the anus

  • severe pain

  • sensation that the bowel is not really empty

  • bleeding without pain.

What causes enlarged hemorrhoids?

Enlarged hemorrhoids, also known as piles, is a common ailment. Three out of four adults will develop enlarged hemorrhoids, with a peak between the ages of 45 and 65 years. As we age, the tissues that support hemorrhoid veins begin to stretch and weaken, increasing the likelihood of irritation.

Contributing factors to irritating hemorrhoids include:

  • obesity

  • pregnancy

  • standing or sitting for long periods

  • straining on the toilet

  • chronic constipation or diarrhea

  • eating a low-fiber diet

  • coughing

  • sneezing

  • vomiting

  • holding your breath while straining to do physical labor

How to prevent hemorrhoids

According to Mayo Clinic, the easiest way to prevent hemorrhoid irritation is to take measures to ensure your stools stay soft. The easier stools pass through your system, the less pressure is placed on hemorrhoids.

Here are some tips to stay healthy:

  1. Eat high fiber food: Fruits and many vegetables are high in fiber. Mayo Clinic recommends adding fiber to your diet slowly to avoid complications with gas.

  2. Stay hydrated

  3. Exercise: An active lifestyle prevents constipation and, as a result, reduces pressure on veins. A healthy exercise regime will help you prevent and manage obesity. Learn more about Vegan Sports Nutrition HERE.

  4. Avoid long periods of sitting. A normal American day incorporates long stretches of sitting. Sitting for too long increases pressure on veins. From sitting in school to behind a desk, it can be easy to forget to move. According to the New York Times, Stretching and walking breaks not only help prevent hemorrhoids but also "lifts moods, reduces lethargy and improves overall health."

Vegan-friendly ways to treat hemorrhoids

Inflamed hemorrhoid longevity differs from person to person. For some, smaller hemorrhoids will go away on their own. Dr. Charles Davis summarizes the issue: “Many people are embarrassed to go to their doctor about their hemorrhoid problems, which is probably why only an estimated 4% of people see the doctor even if 75% of us experience enlarged hemorrhoids at some point in time. Despite the embarrassment, hemorrhoids should always be examined professionally. Getting a medical exam will help your doctor recommend an effective treatment and will also help to rule out more serious causes for your symptoms.”

Fortunately, there are many animal-free over-the-counter medications that help relieve pain and treat irritated hemorrhoids. We've curated some of these products in our online marketplace.

naticura hem control hemorrhoid vegan animal free veganmed

One of our most popular products is Naticura Hem Control. Hem Control uses blond psyllium husk and senna leaf extract to stimulate bowel movement and support colon health. Additional natural ingredients support the reduction of swelling and damage repair. Customers who would like to avoid using topical products will like the oral capsule formulation of this product.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel Powder, Horse Chestnut Seed, Ginger Root, Blond Psyllium Husk and a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including: Cayenne Pepper Fruit, Diosmin & Hesperidin (derived from Sweet Orange), White Oak Bark, Sage Leaf, Butcher's Broom Root, Dandelion Root, Bilberry Powder, Rutin Powder (Flower Bud), Mullein Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Red Root, Stone Root, Red Sage Root, Guar Gum, Senna Leaf Extract (20% Sennosides).

This spray uses helichrysum and cypress to restrict blood flow resulting in decreased inflammation and restoration of restoring proper blood circulation. Many customers also enjoy the soothing sensation of a topical spray and the simple list of ingredients. Goodbye Hemorrhoids is also packaged in an eco-friendly and reusable glass bottle, and it is also produced and distributed in the US.

Ingredients: Helichrysum, Omega 3&9 Oil, Cypress Oil


Need even more animal-free products?

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