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11 Vegan Boston Restaurants

Boston, often associated with its rich history and vibrant culture, is also a city that caters to diverse dietary preferences, including veganism. (Fun fact: Our CEO attended college in Boston!) With its thriving food scene, the city has embraced the plant-based movement, offering an impressive array of vegan restaurants that cater to both vegans and non-vegans alike.

Our team will be attending this year’s DIA Global Annual Meeting taking place at the Boston Convention Center from June 25, 2023-June 29, 2023. We’ll be presenting our current alpha-gal research (stay tuned for more details!). Not only are we looking forward to meeting new people, we’re excited to discover new restaurants. Below, we have curated a list of notable restaurants that have caught our attention:

Veggie Galaxy

Address: 450 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02139

Food type: Vegan Breakfast & Brunch, Comfort Food, American (traditional)

Menu item that caught our attention: Cauli Po’ Boy

Antico Forno

Address: 93 Salem St Boston, MA 02113

Food type: Italian

Menu item that caught our attention: Gnocchi di patate

Life Alive Organic Cafe Back Bay

Address: 431 Boylston St Boston, MA 02116

Food type: Juice Bars & Vegetarian, Salad

Menu item that caught our attention: Spicy Peanut Noodles

True Bistro

Address: 1153 Broadway Somerville, MA 02144

Food Type: Vegan American (new)

Menu item that caught our attention: Thai Red Curry and Rice Cake

Lulu Green

Address: 246 W Broadway Boston, MA 02127

Food type: Vegan Juice Bar & Smoothies and Cafe

Menu item that caught our attention: Quinoa Bowl

Beatnic Vegan Restaurant

Address: 399 Boylston St Boston, MA 02116

Food Type: Vegan Burgers/Sandwiches

Menu item that caught our attention: Chicky Deluxe

Myers & Chang

Address: 1145 Washington St Boston, MA 02118

Food Type: Asian Fusion, Taiwanese

Menu item that caught our attention: Wok-Charred Udon Noodles with Tofu + Bok Choy

Dirty Water Dough

Address: 222 Newbury St Boston, MA 02116

Food Type: Pizza

Menu item that caught our attention: Veggie Pizza with Vegan Cheese


Address: 675 W Kendall St Cambridge, MA 02142

Food Type: Plant-based Pub Food

Menu item that caught our attention: Kimchi Burger

My Thai Vegan Cafe

Address: 3 Beach St Fl 2 Boston, MA 02111

Food Type: Vegan Thai

Menu item that caught our attention: Pad Kee Mao


Address: 655 Tremont St Boston, MA 02118

Food type: Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Bakeries, Coffee & Tea

Menu item that caught our attention: Lemon Lavender Cake

Our exploration of Boston's vegan restaurant scene has left us awestruck by the remarkable culinary offerings that this vibrant city has to offer. From cozy diners to upscale establishments, we discovered a plethora of restaurants that caught our eye and we’re excited to try!

Share your recommendations for your favorite vegan Boston restaurants in the comments below!


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