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Certified animal-free means no animal-derived ingredients or byproduct in the final product

Creating a safer, kinder, and more inclusive world.

Your health deserves better. VeganMed sets higher standards for medications and supplements.

Pills on Spoons

Our experts have researched the finest animal-free products for you. We embrace your dietary (e.g. vegans), religious (e.g. halal, kosher), and allergy (e.g. Alpha-gal Syndrome, lactose) needs.

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VeganMed pharmacist can help find animal-free alternative to health products

Ask a Pharmacist

We're here to help! Contact us today to find out if your health products are animal-free. 

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"Thank you SO much for your help! I have spent many frustrating hours in the last year just trying to find a few simple OTC items. Now I can buy a pain reliever AND an allergy medicine that should be safer for me, as an Alpha Gal patient. Your blog posts are especially informative on many, many subjects, too. You have made my job so much easier, and that means safer and healthier! But, more importantly, you have empowered me with the knowledge to select safer products on my own."
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