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Anew® Way of Redefining Sustainability: A Conversation with Jayden Klinac

In the following interview, we have the privilege of speaking with Jayden Klinac, the Founder of Anew®, a company creating innovative solutions to tackle the environmental impact of single-use packaging. Anew® offers a circular water bottle made from renewable plant-based materials, along with end-to-end packaging solutions, aiming to revolutionize the way we consume and recycle. Join us as we explore Jayden's vision for a more sustainable future and the transformative potential of Anew®'s approach.

How did the idea for Anew® come about, and what motivated the company to focus on solving the problem of single-use packaging?

Anew® was really born out of frustration. A frustration that if we wanted to go about our daily lives, which generally involves consuming. Be it in the form of using shampoo to wash our hair, using a bottle to get it a drink of water, having a coffee, or moisturizing our face. Anything that involves using a product generally involves not only having to buy the product, but also having to buy the packaging and that packaging was generally made from fossil fuels, if it was plastic, glass or aluminum and generally came with a very high carbon footprint, and lastly, once we had used the product, it generally left behind waste, which just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. At the very least, we felt that people should have a choice. A choice to use the products they want to use, without having to inherently, use fossil resources and create single use waste.

What materials are used to make Anew®'s water bottle, and why are they better for the environment than traditional plastic or glass? Are there any animal-derived ingredients or carrageenan in the development process?

Anew® bottles and packaging are made from our Recircle® biopellets - a renewable and circular material. Recircle® is our latest development after my 12 years of designing better materials with the goal of designing waste out of the system. Recircle® is great alternative to the likes of oil-based plastic, glass, aluminum or paperboard for multiple reasons:

  • Its plant-based and made from renewable resources (not made from fossil fuels - once they're gone, they are gone forever)

  • Its reusable and dishwasher safe (Not single use)

  • Its lightweight and perfectly portable, lowering further emissions from shipping

  • Its curbside recyclable 

  • Its carbon negative, meaning the plants we grow and use to make Recircle®, absorbs more carbon than our manufacturing process emits

  • No animal-derived ingredients or carrageenan are used in the development process

What impact has Anew® had on reducing greenhouse gas emissions? What does it mean to be carbon negative?

It's an accepted stance that making things, or using resources, creates a carbon footprint. As a planet, we have created products and systems that emit too much carbon for our atmosphere to maintain a healthy and livable balance. This is why it's not only important for us to lower the carbon emissions we currently emit, but also look into ways where we can suck the overloading of carbon we have already emitted out of the atmosphere, to restore balance. Anew® plays a very small role in what is required, but showing we can make products that are carbon negative, meaning they sequester more carbon than they emit, is a great start to show what's possible.

How long is the product reusable for?

We like to say that Anew® bottles are reusable like a shoe. They are designed for reuse, and will perform different for each user, based on how they are treated. Every person will use the Anew® bottles for a different amount of time before recycling it, like everyone would keep a pair of shoes for a different period of time. They are dishwasher safe, meaning they are easy to clean and generally come out as good as new after each wash. Some people may use their bottle once, some may use it for a year, or longer.

Looking ahead, what are Anew®'s future plans and aspirations in terms of further innovation, expansion, and contributing to a more sustainable future on a global scale?

We have some pretty large dreams and aspirations. We are currently focusing on taking Anew® solutions to the world. This year our focus market is North America. We are launching our Anew® bottles and also offering end to end, circular packaging solutions for other businesses looking to lead their industry in sustainable packaging.

We are also in constant R&D mode and have some really exciting new and natural materials in development.

How might pharmaceutical companies find value in leveraging your packaging systems for their products?

We have the technology to make a wide range of bespoke pharmaceutical packaging. We make it very easy for companies to switch their current packaging to Recircle®. A lot of companies do not have an in-house packaging expert, so we play this role with our partner companies and allow them to focus on their core product (what's inside the packaging) while we ensure they are in the most sustainable and innovative packaging available.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love traveling, any excuse to get in the ocean, be it surfing or foiling and also love spending time in my garden.

Thank you to Jayden for sharing Anew®'s story. To learn more visit:


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