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Vicks VapoShower
  • Is Vicks vegan? Not all Vicks products are vegan but this one is!


    • Receive 12 Tablets Total (4 packs of 3)
    • BREATHE EASY. Soothing, non-medicated vapors are activated by your warm shower to give you the ultimate, steamy shower experience with Vicks soothing vapors
    • TURN YOUR SHOWER INTO A VAPO SAUNA. Steam + Vicks Vapors infuses with your shower steam to soothe with aromatherapy vapors
    • DISSOLVES CLEANLY. Place on shower floor in direct stream of water and continue running shower until completely dissolved
    • THE POWER OF VICKS: Vicks VapoShower includes Vicks Vapors proprietary blend of Menthol, Eucalyptus and Camphor, giving you the same, powerful and soothing scent you know from Vicks

    Vicks VapoShower

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