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Rael Miracle Patch Melting Pack - Blackhead Control
    • BLACKHEAD REMOVAL - This next-gen nose strip effortlessly melts away blackheads and impurities in just 15 minutes
    • K-BEAUTY TECHNOLOGY: Unlike traditional nose strips that damage skin, the 3-Step Pore Melting Pack utilizes K-Beauty Technology to soften and extract blackheads without ripping them out
    • 3-STEP SYSTEM: Begin by applying the pore melting sheet to nose for 10-15 minutes, allowing blackheads to dissolve and surface. Remove the pore melting sheet and use the sebum-clearing cotton swab to gently wipe away the extracted impurities. Lastly, apply the soothing sheet to help minimize the appearance of pores and redness
    • GENTLE ON SKIN- Jeju Mugwort Extract helps, packed with powerful antioxidants, helps soothe the skin and reduce the appearance of redness
    • FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Free of harsh chemicals. Safe to use on all skin types without drying or harsh extractions

      Rael Miracle Patch Melting Pack - Blackhead Control

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