• 100% NATURAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Mentholatum Original Ointment delivers natural camphor (9%) and menthol (1.3%) in a one-of-a-kind formula that’s uniquely different from other topical rubs. Its penetrating formula helps relieve minor aches and pains of muscle and joints, plus the natural vapors are soothing to the nasal passages.
  • HELPS RELIEVE CHEST ACHES ASSOCIATED WITH COLDS: A cold and flu season favorite, Mentholatum Original Ointment helps relieve chest aches that can be brought on by cold symptoms - plus its natural aromatic vapors provide soothing comfort to stuffy noses. For adults and children ages 2 years and over, apply topically to the chest, neck or back for fast, penetrating relief!
  • RELIEVES MINOR ACHES AND PAINS OF MUSCLES AND JOINTS: Just rub Mentholatum Original Ointment on sore muscles or joints and feel the soothing relief begin. Great for temporary relief of arthritis, backache, and muscle strains and sprains. Apply to the affected area not more than three to four times daily.
  • SOOTHING AROMATIC VAPORS – Natural camphor and menthol give Mentholatum Original Ointment its unmistakable signature soothing aroma. Feel the relief and breathe in comfort!

Mentholatum Original Ointment

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