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HydraLyte Low Sugar Rapid Rehydration Powder
    • SHAY'S FLAVOR: We have partnered with entrepreneur, actress and mother, Shay Mitchell to create the best tasting, low sugar rapid rehydration drink on the market.
    • LOW SUGAR: When it comes to rapid rehydration, glucose (sugar) is key. When combined with salt at the perfect ratio, glucose accelerates water and electrolyte absorption. But unlike sports drinks or electrolyte products, we use precisely the optimal amount for maximum absorption and not a gram more.
    • LyteRH FORMULA: Our rapid rehydration formula uses a precise amount of water, electrolytes and a dash of sugar. An exact sugar (glucose) to electrolyte ratio that accelerates fluid absorption. However, unlike sports drinks, we use the optimal amount of sugar, not a gram more.
    • FIZZY, NOT STIRRED: Hydralyte fizzes when added to water to help it mix easily. This rapid dissolve formula was designed so that you have the exact same amount of electrolytes in every sip you take.
    • TRAVEL AND PARTY ESSENTIAL: Stay hydrated on the go! The perfect bachelorette party essential and a great tool to stay hydrated during plane rides. HydraLyte comes in travel friendly formats including sticks and tablets.

    HydraLyte Low Sugar Rapid Rehydration Powder

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