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Freeda Calcium Citrate
    • CALCIUM CITRATE 1000MG - Research indicates that a calcium citrate supplement is one of the easiest forms of calcium for the body to absorb. Due to popular demand, these calcium tablets are now coated for ease of swallowing.
    • BONE HEALTH & JOINT SUPPORT - Your body needs Calcium to build & maintain strong and healthy bones. Help prevent low calcium levels with Freeda calcium supplements for women and men. Calcium for women and men bone supplements help ensure your daily calcium intake never falls below recommended levels.*
    • HIGH DOSE - NO VITAMIN D – Vegan calcium no D. This is a high dose potent form of calcium without Vitamin D. Calcium without D3 lets you control your precise daily recommended value and intake of calcium without monitoring additional vitamin intake.
    • KOSHER CERTIFIED - We are committed to formulating the best calcium supplements. Kosher certified and vegan. Free of gluten, lactose, artificial colors/flavors, sugar, starch, animal derivatives, yeast, and gelatin.


      Freeda Calcium Citrate

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