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Benevolent Supplements Tudca
    • LOOKING FOR AN ADVANCED LIVER SUPPORT FORMULA? You may be surprised at the benefits that Tudca can offer! Tudca (tauroursodeoxycholic acid), also known as bile salts, is the most comprehensive formula that supports the gallbladder, improves digestion, promotes kidney health, reduces inflammation, and restores the integrity of liver cells. Tudca is a traditional, trusted ingredient used for decades to boost liver wellness.
    • UNIQUE AND POWERFUL FORMULATION - Benevolent Nourishments' Tudca supplement contains 2000mg of tudca blended with milk thistle and 4 strains of premium probiotics with 10 billion CFUs. These potent ingredients are more than enough to support liver detoxification, boost bile production, balance liver enzymes, promote thyroid health, support the immune system and cognitive function, and help balance your body's natural systems naturally in just one capsule!
    • NO MORE SETTLING FOR LESS - Forget about those bland capsules that provide little to no benefit! With the power of nature and double strength, this serving provides 90 highly concentrated capsules to deliver 2,000mg maximum-strength TUDCA dose. When you take capsules of TUDCA daily, you will receive these essential active ingredients in their purest form, provided they have been absorbed by your body. The results? A worry-free liver and a joyful life!
    • REAL DEAL: It's no secret that - TUDCA is a powerful compound that has been around for decades. We believe that nature is where it's at and made our TUDCA supplement to create the most bioavailable version of this trusted ingredient on the market today.

    Benevolent Supplements Tudca

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