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Bambaw Synthetic Shaving Brush (Black)
    • SMOOTHER SHAVE: Use a shaving brush and ensure the best ingrown hair treatment and razor bump treatment for your skin. The shave brush’s circular motion lifts and softens the hair while scrubbing away dirt, dust, and dead skin cells. This, in turn, provides the smoothest shave whilst reducing ingrown hair, shave rash and razor burns.
    • 100% BADGER-FRIENDLY SHAVING EXPERIENCE: The vegan shave brush is made of nylon bristles, proving to be much better than its cruel animal-based counterpart. Indeed, the synthetic shaving brushes bristles do not have a bad smell when wet and dry much faster. So, let’s leave the badgers, boars or horses in peace and switch to cruelty-free shaving accessories.
    • ECO FRIENDLY SHAVE: The shaving brush metal handle offers a tight grip and is crafted to last a lifetime! Using a wet shaving brush enables the use of zero plastic products like 100% natural shave prep scrub or other zero plastic products. You are making your shaving experience truly zero waste by using eco products and avoiding shaving creams and gels in plastic packaging.
    • NO BRISTLE LOSS, LIFETIME WARRANTY: Like the Bambaw safety razors, this shave brushes for men and women is guaranteed to last a lifetime. The ingrown hair scrub brush is here to stay, and the high-quality synthetic bristles won’t fall off. You can buy with confidence knowing Bambaw stands behind its quality with a solid warranty. The pre shave scrub brush can be taken everywhere you plan to shave without worry.

    Bambaw Synthetic Shaving Brush (Black)

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