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Akshar Ayurveda Neem


    Neem has various positive effects on oral health, especially gum diseases when used topically. It has the distinctive ability to naturally protect against foreign parasites such as lice, scabies, etc. Neem oil is used to treat skin infections, fungus, and bacteria. It helps in balancing pH and thus can help with hair loss associated with pH levels.


    Neem is one of the most powerful blood purifiers and is widely known for its detoxification uses. It cools fevers and clears toxins involved with most inflammatory skin diseases. It boosts the human immune system function by stimulating the production of T-cells to mount a head-on attack against infections.


    • naturally supports overall body detoxification and enhances immunity
    • promotes healthy skin by reducing mild acne and skin blemishes
    • helps protect and enhance functions of the stomach and liver
    • helps in detoxifying and purifying blood

    Akshar Ayurveda Neem

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