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Meet the Team: Dani Pender

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Dani Pender is the Chief Information Officer a VeganMed
Dani Pender- Meet the Team

Why did you join the VeganMed team?

While completing my pharmacy residency, I saw so many cases of lifestyle diseases: high cholesterol, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. We often recommended the "Mediterranean diet." After reading more, I decided to become vegetarian, and then vegan. I learned how hard it is to read labels, especially in the supplement industry! Sachin, our CEO, was a research partner of mine, so when he talked about this team, I knew I wanted to help however I could!

What is your favorite animal-free product? Oooh good question. I recently finished my first half-marathon, so I tested a lot of workout fuels. Huma gels are by far my favorite...they taste great and they don't upset your stomach! I also became a huge fan of adding Nuun Sport to my water during and after longer runs.

What was the most shocking thing you discovered about the pharmaceutical industry when you started working here? Listen guys, I'm a pharmacist and thought I knew a lot about inactive ingredients and labeling. I had no idea how many inactive ingredients still came from animals! And even more upsetting, it's so difficult to get a straight answer from the manufacturer. Hopefully the trend is shifting, much like it did for identifying gluten products a few years ago.

Whitney has found her forever home with Dani.

What are you doing to help pass the time while sheltering-in-place?

I am still very much gainfully employed and hoping everyone will #stayhome so we have enough beds in the hospital. We decided to foster a dog since we weren't traveling anytime soon! Her name is Whitney, and she will likely be a foster failure. I'm really enjoying creating random dishes based on what's left in the pantry, and I guess I've run out of excuses to not do yardwork.

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