PlantVital Berberine
    • NATURE'S MOST POWERFUL EXTRACT; Celebrated for centuries in Eastern & Ayurveda medicine, Berberine supplements have recently been clinically proven and Doctor recommended to aid glucose metabolism, reduce and alleviate side effects of high blood sugar, manage weight loss, and increase cardiovascular health.
    • WHY PLANTVITAL HIGH POTENCY BERBERINE 1200mg? PlantVital Berberine supplements High Potency is a 100% pure, non-GMO, pesticide free plant extracted alkaloid. Most capsules contain 500mg of Berberine (dosage of Berberine 1000mg). PlantVital Berberine 1200mg is 2 x 600mg capsules - 20% MORE than "Berberine 1000mg" products.
    • A STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM; PlantVital High Potency Vegan Berberine 1200mg supplement enhances your immune system by balancing alkalinity. This aids a healthier digestive and gastrointestinal environment, also less bloating and effective weight management.
    • A HEALTHIER CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM; PlantVital Berberine 1200mg hcl promotes healthy heart function by regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and acts as a metabolic activator for glucose metabolism. PlantVital 100% pure Berberine 1200mg is one of the purest Berberine supplements available on the market.
    • THE PUREST INGREDIENTS ON EARTH; PlantVital Berberine 1200mg High Potency is made in the USA in an FDA & cGMP certified facility. We are a small family business that doesn't answer to shareholders or investors. Our goal is to make only the purest, additive free health enhancing products on the market. 



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