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PlantFusion Vegan Vitamin B12 for Women and Men 500mcg
    • B12 VEGETARIAN SUPPLEMENT: We use a scientifically validated plant based source of natural vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) with a potency of 500mcg per serving. Our vitamin B12 supplement is Vegan Certified and provides an optimal dose of plant based vitamin B12 to support normal cellular energy levels. We call it our natural energy Fusion!
    • SOURCE MATTERS MOST: This ultra premium vegan B12 supplement is made through a natural fermentation process using only plants. While this process is far more expensive for producing B12, the result is a B12 supplement that is completely free of artificial, synthetic, or animal based additives - making it the cleanest and most pure source of B12 that you can buy.
    • B12 FOR ENERGY: B12 is well known as an energy vitamin. It’s not uncommon for high dose vitamin B12 to be administered in a medical setting for those experiencing fatigue, weakness, or tiredness. Our unique B12 formula provides 20,833% of the Recommended Dietary Intake in one small easy to swallow veggie tablet.

    PlantFusion Vegan Vitamin B12 for Women and Men 500mcg

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