• DRUG FREE: These melatonin tablets help you fall back asleep during those middle of the night wakeups. Created with a unique formulation that helps calm the mind & ease you back to sleep. Calming lavender vanilla flavor.
  • DISSOLVE TABLETS: Fast dissolve melatonin supplements help guide sleep-wake cycles & can be taken without water. Features melatonin with L-Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that promotes calm.
  • SLEEP EASY: An active mind & stress can cause difficulty returning to sleep. Natrol 3 a.m. Melatonin has the right combination of ingredients to ease you to sleep during the middle of the night.
  • BENEFITS: Melatonin (3mg) to help ease you back to sleep. L-Theanine (50mg) to calm the mind. All 100% drug-free and Non-habit forming in one bottle.
  • WELLNESS WORLDWIDE: Natrol is a leading U.S. Vitamin, Mineral & Supplement manufacturer helping people around the world improve beauty, sleep, mood, immune health and brain health.

Natrol 3 a.m. Melatonin Sleep Aid

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