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Muir Energy Real Food Energy Gel Variety Pack
  • Muir Energy makes plant-based food for endurance athletes. Each energy gel flavor is made with only 4-6 clean, nutrient-rich, whole food ingredients. The MUIR product line offers a panoply of flavors to delight your palate (sweet, tart, savory), meet your caloric needs (fast and slow burning), and keep your stomach happy. Gram for gram, Muir Energy provides more nutrition (quality calories, healthy fats and proteins, vitamins and minerals) than any other product in the energy gel space. MUIR is handmade in San Diego.


    • Only 4-6 real food ingredients in each energy gel. No junk.
    • Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free | Paleo | Non-GMO
    • Natural energy gels for runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes to fuel your training, racing, and adventure while keeping your stomach happy.
    • Better tasting and more nutritious than typical energy gels on the market to help you power through running marathons, ultramarathons, cycling events, hiking, and more.
    • Variety pack includes 12 delicious fast and slow burning energy gels.



    Red Raspberry, Yerba Mate, Raw Coconut Palm Nectar, Blackstrap Molasses, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Cashew Butter, Lemon Essential Oil, Sunflower Seed Butter

    Muir Energy Real Food Energy Gel Variety Pack

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