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Majka No-Bake Lactation Breastfeeding Chocolate Bites
    • NOURISHING TREAT FOR NEW MOMS: Our delicious, clean, no-bake Lactation Cookie Bites are designed to help increase and nourish your milk supply, while also fueling your body
    • BENEFITS BEYOND BREASTFEEDING: Each Majka Lactation Cookie Bite offers an effective mix of galactagogues, good fats, fiber, and antioxidants; Also helps with sustainable energy and curbs sugar cravings
    • ORGANICALLY SO GOOD: Made with 100% all organic ingredients; Choose between our Chocolate Lactation Cookie Bites and Almond Lactation Cookie bites, or variety pack that gives you the best of both
    • BOOST MILK SUPPLY: To help increase milk supply, we suggest you eat one Lactation Bite an hour before pumping or breastfeeding; and you can eat our Lactation Bites at any time and eat as many as you want per day
    • LACTATION STUFF YOU’LL LIKE: All Majka lactation support snacks and supplements are vegan, gluten free, soy free, non GMO, have no artificial sweeteners, are whole food based, and fenugreek free


    Key Ingredients

    • Majka's Lactation Bites are not your average lactation "cookie"
    • Galactagogues, good fats, fiber, and antioxidants make our bites the perfect snack for busy new moms. They are milk boosting, nutrient-dense, and convenient.
    • Our nourishing lactation cookie bites are packed with ingredients that are known to increase milk supply and provide new moms with wholesome energy and nourishment. Have them as a snack or as part of your meal!
    • Majka Lactation Blend: specific ingredients that not only help support lactation but also support overall optimal health. Some super star ingredients on our blend: Glossostemon Bruguieri, Fenugreek, cloves, fennel, sesame, turmeric, and caraway.

    Majka No-Bake Lactation Breastfeeding Chocolate Bites

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