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Fresh Labs Corn REFILL Vegan Dental Floss

Fresh Labs Luxury Vegan Corn Floss refills is what you are waiting for. One spool of FLC can last up to 100 days with normal use. Just refill your holder and keep going!. Tested on tight teeth, sensitive gums and unpleasant breath, this floss holds up to the task magnificently, while also gifting your breath with some real fresh minty taste that everyone will love. Waxed with natural candelilla wax (from an organic leaf) and ginger/mint essential oils that reinforce your gums. Toss it freely wherever you wish, it's totally fresh, and totally compostable.


  • 🔰 TRULY PLASTIC FREE - Say goodbye to plastic for your dental care!
  • 🌽 ONLY ORGANIC CORN - Sustainably Sourced, Organic and Non-GMO
  • 💮 TOTALLY VEGAN - With Candelilla Wax, 100% Organic and Plant Based and Ginger Extract to Improve the Circulation of the Gums
  • 🦷 TESTED - Just works! On tight gaps, sensitive gums and unpleasant breath
  • 🔷 FRESH - Peppermint Flavoured with Natural Essential Oils

Fresh Labs Corn REFILL Vegan Dental Floss

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