Is aspirin vegan? Not every aspirin product is animal-free, but this one is!


  • Genuine Bayer Aspirin provides help to treat minor aches and pains including headache, backache, toothache, and cramps
  • 200 Coated Tablets, with 325 mg of Aspirin
  • Taking Genuine Bayer Aspirin for pain relief does not interfere with the benefits of taking it on a doctor-directed aspirin regimen
  • Aspirin is not appropriate for everyone, so be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. Use as directed.



Active Ingredients: Aspirin 325mg (NSAID)* (Pain reliever/fever reducer) *nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug Inactive ingredients: corn starch, hypromellose, powdered cellulose, triacetin

Bayer Aspirin 325mg Coated Tablets

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