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Barium sulfate


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Common Brand Name(s): Digibar 190, Entero VU, Esopho-Cat, E-Z AC, Liquid E-Z Paque, Maxibar, Medebar Plus, NeulumEx, Scan C, Sol-O-Pake, Tagitol V, Ultra R, Vanilla SilQ, Varibar Thin, Barotrast, Bar-Test, Esophotrast, Oratrast, Barosperse, Eneset 2, Anatrast, Tonojug, Tonopaque, Bear-E-Yum GI, Baricon, Entrobar, Esobar, E-Z-Cat, E-Z-HD, Intropaste, Liqui-Coat HD, Liquid Barosperse, Readi-Cat, Baro-Cat, Enhancer, Cheetah, E-Z-Paque, Readi-Cat 2, Medebar Super 250, Liquid Polibar, Entero-H, Varibar Thin Honey, Varibar Nectar, Varibar Pudding, Volumen, Lafayette, Barosphere, Smoothie Readi-Cat 2, E-Z Dose Kit with Polibar Plus, CheeTah, CheeTah Chocolaty-Fudge, CheeTah Raspberry, CheeTah Orange, CheeTah Butterscotch, E-Z Paste, E-Z-Disk, Enecat, Liquid Polibar Plus, E-Z-Cat Dry, Polibar ACB, Varibar Honey, Sitzmarks, Readi-Cat 2 Smoothie Mochaccino, Readi-Cat 2 Smoothie Banana, Readi-Cat 2 Smoothie Berry, Readi-Cat 2 Smoothie Creamy Vanilla, Readi-Cat 2 Smoothie Orange


  • Computed tomography (CT) of the abdomen to delineate the gastrointestinal (GI) tract in adult and pediatric patients.

Drug Class: Non-iodinated contrast media

Barium sulfate

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