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Veguary: Celebrating Black Vegan History and Culture

What is Veguary?

Veguary is a month-long celebration, held in February, that encourages individuals to adopt a vegan lifestyle while highlighting the accomplishments and diversity of Black culture during Black History Month in the United States. 2023 marks the third year of Veguary’s existence, but it continues to grow. Brenda Sanders, Executive Director of Afro-Vegan Society, spoke about the importance of this event:

“Veguary has been - and continues to be - one of our organization’s [Afro-Vegan Society] most impactful programs. Thousands of people have benefited greatly from learning how to make healthier, more sustainable choices, and we plan to reach even greater numbers this year.”

A Brief History of Black Veganism

Despite the growing popularity of veganism in the media, the rich history of Black veganism is often overlooked. This history is closely tied to Black activism in the 1960s and the African tradition of plant-based diets. Spiritual movements like Rastafarianism and the Nation of Islam have encouraged plant-based diets, while civil rights leaders such as Angela Davis and Coretta Scott-King have promoted it. Today, Black Americans are leading the vegan movement in the United States.

8% of Black Americans embrace a strict vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, which is more than twice the percentage of the general population (3%) who follow this dietary regimen.

Afro-Veganism and Afro-Vegan Society

Afro-Veganism refers to the unique perspective of individuals of African descent who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Rooted in the shared history of racial oppression and a present experience of racial inequality, Afro-Vegans have a keen understanding of oppressive systems and are motivated to reject them. For many, veganism represents not only a means to address the challenges faced by their communities, but also a form of resistance against the systems responsible for these challenges. Afro-Vegan Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and making veganism accessible to everyone. They provide a variety of resources including guides, recipes, a list of black-owned vegan restaurants around the U.S., and more.

Making the switch

Switching to a vegan diet can seem daunting, but Afro-Vegan Society makes it easy for anyone to start their Veguary challenge by:

  • Providing new recipes and resources every day of February

  • Hosting live virtual meet-ups every Friday in February

  • Sharing local activities on their Veguary Community Calendar


Whether you’re looking to improve your health, reduce your carbon footprint, or simply try something new, Veguary is a great opportunity to explore the benefits of plant-based eating as well as learn more about Black culture during Black History Month. VeganMed is here to help support your vegan journey by offering a variety of verified and certified animal-free health products on our marketplace. Together, let’s make the world a kinder place!


Disclaimer: The product and/or information provided on VeganMed is of a general nature and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not lab test the products to confirm that they are free from animal ingredients, and it is possible that the formulation and ingredients could have changed. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or product.


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