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Meet the Team: Frank Son

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Frank, one of VeganMed med researchers, stands on the beach at sunset facing the ocean.

Why did you join the VeganMed team?

I was fortunate to have an opportunity to work closely with Sachin, our CEO, as a pharmacy school student and immersed myself in managing various aspect of clinical studies with his mentorship. Post-graduation, I continued to build my clinical experience as a traditional retail pharmacist but found myself uninspired. To pursue my passion for clinical study management and dissemination of the knowledge found through them, I reached out to Sachin. I was curious to see if I could help with any current projects. Listening to his vision for VeganMed, I learned there was an opportunity for me to help vegan patients struggling due to limited animal-free medication information being available. Inspired and motivated to help, I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of the team.

What is your favorite animal-free product? Through my research of 6000+ active and inactive ingredients, I quickly came to understand that commonly used medications are either not clearly labeled or simply not animal-free. My favorite animal-free product is Advil Dual Action with Acetaminophen. After interacting with countless patients suffering from chronic pain, I am thrilled to be able to recommend a convenient option with confidence to my vegan patients in need of pain relief.

What was the most shocking thing you discovered about the pharmaceutical industry when you started working here? After much research, I was surprised to find that comprehensive information on what active and inactive ingredients were derived from was few and far between. It was also shocking to find an incredibly large number of ingredients were or are possibly sourced from animals. I am glad to be able to help provide clarity to this ambiguity.

Rey, Frank's Frenchie dog, and Dart, his crested gecko, sit together on a bed.

What are you doing to help pass the time while sheltering-in-place?

It is a challenging time for many due to COVID-19, and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Thankfully I am able to work from home while helping patients. To eliminate my cabin fever from sheltering, I have been spending some quality time with Rey, my Frenchie, and Dart, my crested gecko. I get my daily walks in while practicing social-distancing with Rey and Dart just hanging around.

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