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FDA Citizen Petition: Demanding Change

On July 10, 2023 our team filed a Citizen Petition to the FDA urging them to take vital action on the labeling of animal-derived ingredients in health products. This petition stems from concerns regarding the current lack of transparency and the challenges faced by many consumers with health-related, dietary, religious, or moral restrictions. Many individuals, including those with alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), allergies, religious dietary requirements, and ethical concerns, are unable to effectively identify and avoid products containing animal-derived ingredients.

What is a Citizen Petition?

A Citizen Petition is a formal request by individuals or groups to the government, urging specific action on an issue. It allows citizens to voice concerns and influence public policy for positive change. A Citizen Petition differs from a general grassroots petition because, under federal agency rules, the agency must respond to a Citizen Petition.

How does a Citizen Petition work?

What changes are we requesting?

  1. Require drug and dietary supplement manufacturers to clearly label whether ingredients used in their products are animal-derived.

  2. Encourage manufacturers to replace animal-derived ingredients with plant-based and/or synthetic alternatives when viable options are available.

  3. Confirm that labeling of drugs and dietary supplements may include a certification symbol denoting the absence of animal-derived ingredients.

Why is this Citizen Petition important?

Currently, drug and dietary supplement manufacturers are not required to disclose whether their products contain animal-derived ingredients. This lack of labeling transparency poses challenges for consumers and healthcare professionals alike. By mandating disclosure of animal-derived ingredients, the FDA can empower consumers and healthcare professionals to make better informed decisions about their health.

How can you support our Citizen Petition?

  1. Visit

  2. Click on “Comment”

  3. Submit!

On behalf of the entire team at VeganMed, we would like to express our great appreciation to all of those who have been supporting us. Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this great milestone! This milestone is one step closer to transparency and clearer labelling when it comes to animal-derived ingredients in health products.

Have questions or need assistance in signing our Citizen Petition? Contact us at


Disclaimer: The product and/or information provided on VeganMed is of a general nature and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not lab test the products to confirm that they are free from animal ingredients, and it is possible that the formulation and ingredients could have changed. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or product. The information provided in this post is accurate and up to date as of the date it was written. However, please note that circumstances and facts may change over time, and new information may become available that could alter the accuracy or relevance of the content. We encourage readers to verify and cross-reference any information provided here with trusted sources or consult relevant professionals for the most current and accurate updates.


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Thank you for your awareness and concern for animal-derived ingredients!

If you have any further questions about ingredients in your medicines and supplements, feel free to reach out to the VeganMed team!

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