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Empowering Change: Illuminating Alpha-Gal Syndrome at DIA Annual Meeting

Our team had the opportunity to attend this year’s DIA Global Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. The event provided us with a valuable platform to present our research on Alpha-Gal Syndrome (AGS), exploring its impact on patients' quality of life and raising awareness of this allergy!

Understanding Health Related Challenges in Patients with Alpha-Gal Syndrome Poster Presentation

The key takeaway points include:

  • 92% of AGS patients have had to make modifications to their medications. This highlights the necessity for healthcare professionals to be mindful of these modifications while prescribing treatments.

  • 50% of individuals with AGS have experienced anaphylactic reactions to health products containing alpha-gal. This emphasizes the urgent need for improved awareness and preventive measures in both healthcare settings and patient education.

  • 75% of AGS patients have had to reach out directly to drug manufacturers. This demonstrates the importance of fostering open lines of communication between patients, healthcare professionals, and the pharmaceutical industry to address the unique challenges faced by this patient group effectively.

The conference theme, "ILLUMINATE," focused on diversity, innovation, and AI. Our research perfectly aligned with this theme, calling on healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry to recognize and address the unique struggles faced by AGS patients.

During the conference, a thought-provoking point was raised concerning the inclusion of AI in healthcare. While it is encouraging to see the bold integration of AI technologies, it is crucial to acknowledge that certain patient populations, such as those with alpha-gal, still struggle to be seen and heard within the healthcare community. This serves as a powerful reminder for us to continuously strive for inclusive and patient-centric approaches.

Build-A-Hand Program

We had a fantastic time at the conference, meeting new people, gaining insights, and spreading awareness about Alpha-Gal Allergy to other healthcare professionals. We even took part in the Build-A-Hand Program, where we teamed up with others to build a prosthetic hand for someone in need.

Overall, the DIA Global Annual Meeting was a wonderful experience. We gained valuable knowledge, shared our research findings on Alpha-Gal Allergy, and actively contributed to raising awareness about this condition. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate and look forward to future events that foster innovation, diversity, and patient-centered care in healthcare.

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