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Top 5 Takeaways from Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet

As an avid learner of nutritional science, Dr. Fuhrman found his calling: help people take critical steps in reshaping their diet to avoid or even reverse chronic medical conditions and live a happier and healthier life. Dr. Fuhrman coined the term “Nutritarian” to describe a nutrient-rich diet filled with antioxidants that promotes life longevity, weight loss, and cancer prevention. As an author of seven New York Times best-seller books and hundreds of TV and radio appearances, Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian diet is widely regarded as a sustainable life-changing approach to eating. The Nutritarian diet is intended to maximize nutrient intake per calorie through clean, plant-based eating by emphasizing vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and whole grains.

Interested in learning more? Check out Dr. Fuhrman's TEDx talk and check out our summary below!

1. The standard American diet consists mainly of processed food and animal products which can lead to chronic diseases and a weak immune system.

dr joel fuhrman nutritarian diet plant based vs standard american diet processed foods

About three-fourths of the US population has an eating pattern that is low in vegetables, fruits, dairy, and oils. Our busy “on-the-road” lifestyles have led to a reliance on processed foods (over half of what we eat!) that have a poor nutrient to calorie ratio.

2. The Nutritarian diet naturally eliminates cravings for that midnight snack and unhealthy processed foods, completely redefining what a “diet” can be.

dr joel fuhrman nutritarian diet food pyramid plant based

Many diets have difficulty maintaining lasting impact. As individuals become less and less reliant on these unhealthy processed foods and animal products by switching to this new way of eating, the body naturally adjusts to this new eating pattern and eliminates these cravings.

3. Nutritarians focus their diet on G-BOMBS.

dr joel fuhrman nutritarian diet gbombs plant based

G-BOMBS: Green, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds. Dr. Fuhrman refers to these foods as the “immune system special forces”. These foods can inhibit fat storage on the body, leading to possible cancer prevention and can prolong lifespan.

4. The Nutritarian diet is simple, accessible, and affordable.

dr joel fuhrman nutritarian diet food pyramid plant based

Starting a nutritarian diet only requires 4 easy steps: eat your G-BOMBS, eat only at mealtimes, say no to processed and sugar-laden foods, and replace one meal a day with a salad. Whole foods, especially vegetables and grains, are easily found in grocery stores, and they cost less than their processed counterparts.

5. Being Nutritarian is more than a short-term’s a lifestyle.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his nutritarian diet

Dr. Fuhrman emphasizes that this approach to eating isn’t about the food, it is about how it can change the lives of the people eating this way. While at its core, it is a diet, those on this journey recognize life-changing shifts from an abundance of natural energy, looking and feeling better, and little to no ailments. While these changes are easy to notice, the Nutritarian diet also boasts cancer prevention and life longevity.

While a Nutritarian diet has helped many reverse their chronic illnesses, Dr. Fuhrman argues that it can and should be used as a preventative measure to avoid having to deal with such struggles. If one can sustain an animal-free and clean diet, they can be proactive about their health, rather than reactive by relying on medication to temporarily relieve symptoms.

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