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Imagine a world where medications and supplements were completely free from animal-derived ingredients.

VeganMed was founded by pharmacists to make this a reality. We provide resources to help you learn what's inside your products and find options that are Certified Animal Free.

Together, let's create a kinder world.


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Our experts have hand-picked the finest animal-free products for you.

Browse through hundreds of options from bamboo toothbrushes to animal-free Tylenol.

VeganMed partners with compounding pharmacies to create made-to-order prescription medicaton.


You’ve gone through important steps to ensure your products contain no animal-derived ingredients. 


Proudly demonstrate this to your customers with our Certified Animal Free logo.

VeganMed provides a curated marketplace featuring verified animal-free medicine and supplements (commonly known as vegan medicine and supplements)

Made To Order

Looking for an animal-free prescription medication? No problem!


We can create animal-free meds specifically for you.

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Stay up-to-date on animal-free news

Have questions for our experts?

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