VeganMed's Animal-Free Certification is only program that conducts laboratory testing for the detection of animal-derived ingredients. Our proprietary “Animal-Free” certification is also simple and easy to understand. We are confident that displaying our logo on your product will help your product stand out from the competition.


When you partner with VeganMed, you join our campaign for clearer animal-free labeling. In addition to authorization to use our Animal-Free logo, your product will be highlighted in our online listing, educational efforts, and marketing outreach.


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What animal-derived ingredients are included in our analysis?

We test products for the presence of 3 main sources of animal-derived ingredients:

1. Egg

2. Milk

3. Animal (including fish and crustaceans)

What does “lab testing” mean?
Our lab analyzes a sample of your product to detect any sources of egg, milk, or animals. Please contact us if you would like more technical information about our process. 


How does a product pass our test?

A product can only pass our lab test if the concentration of animal-derived ingredients is below the minimum allowable concentration (i.e. not detectable/present). This type of lab testing sets us apart as a gold standard independent certification program!

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