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Animal-Free Certification Logo certifying a product is free of animal ingredients (commonly known as a vegan certification)


The Gold Standard for Animal-Free Certification

Our animal-free certification sets the highest standards in the industry. We are:

  1. The ONLY certification that uses the “animal-free” terminology which emulates recommendations from the American Medical Association’s Animal-Derived Ingredients Policy H-100.947.

  2. The ONLY certification mark dedicated to the healthcare industry.

  3. The ONLY certification standard utilizing trained pharmacists and laboratory testing professionals.


Our proprietary "Certified Animal Free" logo means that your products do not contain any animal-derived active or inactive ingredients. This opens up your business to capture a wider consumer type. Our certification provides elevated exposure in the health sector, with access to VeganMed's marketplace, healthcare education, customer marketing, and partner programs. When you partner with VeganMed, you join our campaign for clearer animal-free labeling and our community of healthcare professionals and customers who value animal-free products. 

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Certification Process



Why "animal-free"?

Consumers recognize pharmaceutical products need to be tested on animals. "Animal-Free" allows products to be tested on animals, as long as the final product is free from any animal-derived ingredients. Our certification is applicable to the healthcare industry only (e.g. medications, cosmetics, dietary supplements, etc.). 

What is the timeframe to get certified?

Two to four weeks after receiving all requested documentation. 

What are the costs to get certified?

We do not charge any application fee. Our fee structure is flat and does not depend on your annual revenue.

How do I get included in VeganMed's online marketplace?

If you are certified by VeganMed and your products are available on Amazon, you will automatically be listed in our marketplace. 

Can VeganMed help me with research/messaging for my product?

Yes, we have helped companies in messaging/creating scientific content for their products. Please reach out to us for more information. 



Companies sign certification contract.


Application and Review

Company provides requested documentation to VeganMed.


Certified Animal-Free

Certified products are authorized to use our logo.

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